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Welcome to SpecificLove. We love to play on a foosball table, so in this video I will show you how to make a Mini Foosball Table with some basic materials.

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Here are the items needed:

- Shoe box

- Wooden dowels (3/16 dia.)

- Clothespins

- Ping pong ball

- Scissors

- Hole punch

- Color markers or paint

- Loom bands

First grab an empty shoe box and 4 wooden dowels. The lengths of the dowels need to be a few inches wider than the width of the box, and the diameter needs to be about 3/16 of an inch. You can buy them at a craft store or possibly a hardware store.

Next grab some clothespins and add 2 or 3 per dowel. The spacing is important because we need to test fit the area. We let the dowels rest on the top of the box to get a good view. In our case the box is a little small, but with careful measurement everything can still work.

Using a marker, we placed a dot where the wood needs to intersect the box. Then using a hole punch, we carefully made a hole just below each mark. It is a good idea to test fit the dowels in the holes just incase any adjustment is needed.

Next using the scissors, we cut a rectangular hole on both ends of the box that are a little bigger than a ping pong ball. These are the goals.

Once you have determined how many clothespins are needed, it is time to paint. We had a green and red marker, so half are now green and half are red. We also painted the dowels with the same colors to make them a little easier to see.

Now install everything back together. To keep the dowels from sliding out of the holes, we added a small loom band to each side but left some room for them to slide back and forth.

Now grab a ping pong ball and have fun playing with your mini Foosball Table.


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zolv made it! (author)2017-03-26

For our version we've made some improvements like leveled up corners and net made using a duct tape :) Works surprisingly good.

Thank You for the idea. My daughter loves to play!

SpecificLove (author)zolv2017-03-26

That looks awesome, nice improvements

PaolaPersico made it! (author)2015-09-13

Great instructable!


geekrex (author)2015-07-31

Awesome Instructable

SpecificLove (author)geekrex2015-07-31

Thank you

JWAR11 (author)2015-06-18

It looks so cool

SpecificLove (author)JWAR112015-06-29

Thank you

dvigatel (author)2015-06-13

Great idea, but attach thicker knobs to the rods for better ergonomics.

SpecificLove (author)dvigatel2015-06-13

Thanks and good thinking

ZeroZone (author)2015-06-13

Totally awesome idea and work my friend..well done..well done indeed.

SpecificLove (author)ZeroZone2015-06-13

Thank you

Ghild.Zero (author)2015-06-13

wow mantabsssss ! very God Job !

SpecificLove (author)Ghild.Zero2015-06-13


Vitor Reppen (author)2015-06-12

Great idea :o, thats a good imagination!

Thank you

NathanSellers (author)2015-06-11

Awesome. Well done with a great idea.

Thank you

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