This is my first instructable so be nice :)

In this instructable I will show you how to make a mini war machine similar to a catapult but it has a slightly different design. Instead of a rope or rubberband, it uses spring power. And instead of one firing arm it uses two.

Sorry if this has already been done but i didn't see it on the website.

I came up with this idea when I was bored in school and found a few paperclips in the floor.
I wanted to throw paper without being noticed; thus the paperclipapult was born.

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Step 1: Diagram and Clear Pics

Got better camera woot!
so heres some clear pics.
Is this what engineers do when they don't get enough work to do?? <br>I love it. I have a friend who works in an engineering office. Think I'm going to build one of these for them :) <br> <br>Lynn
yeaaah it a bit all over the place
Awesome. I made one but I made a different basket. instead, I made a hoop in the centre and it works real well.<br />
Could you tell me how to make it but in a way I could understand what to do please.
What you mean when you say now take each end of another straight paperclip and wrap them around the prongs of the fat ''U'' paperclip,but make sure that one side is just two hooks that interlock so it is easy to unhook it.
its to complicated could you message me the diagrams <em>please?</em>
would be nice....
I made a bunch of these
I can't see anything, the pictures are to blurry....
i second that. your instructions need to be way clearer. give rough dimensions. "Now unhook the easy side of the rectangle paperclip construction you have now, and take another straightened paperclip and wrap it around the base of the "U" but don't wrap it all the way or you cant use the thing." i cannot comprehend what this means at all.
if you look at the pictures you'll figure it out
love it!
I did give rough dimensions after the quoted part that you posted. I also edited it to give a better description of what it should look like.

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