Step 1: To Do a Mini Safety Protective Cover DREMEL You Need!

In today's instructables I'm going to show you a nice idea on how to make a mini safety cover for the borer.

Step 2: It's Supposed to Be Made With Hand-shifts As Usual, With a Plastic Bottle, in Particular.

Step 3: I Think You Would Agree With Me That There's No Reason to Spend Money and Time on Searching for the Fabric Cover Instead of Making It in 5 Minutes With the Things You Have Around You.

Step 4: Mini Safety Protective Cover DREMEL Is Ready!!!!

<p>Cool easy-to-do projects, using Dremel, for Dremel :) </p>
<p>Very helpful and so simple to get. Good idea!</p>
<p>Great idea and implementation.</p>

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