Introduction: How to Make a Mini Sander

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make your own mini sander machine which is very simple to make

Step 1: Materials Required

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plastic bottle cap

sand paper

dc motor



Step 2: Making Tool

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sand paper is cut so as to fit the front side and circumference of the cap which becomes the rotating tool

Step 3: Gathering All Together

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The tool is attached to the motor shaft,connections are made between switch,motor and battery and coupled together using hot glue

The sander is ready

Step 4: Working Video of Sander

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grayl (author)2016-11-02

I like the way you cut the sandpaper to fit the bottle top, but how did you attach the bottle top to the motor shaft?

ROBO HUB (author)grayl2016-11-03

A hole is made on the bottle top on its front side(hollow part)....

Anirudh Ralhan (author)2016-11-01


ROBO HUB (author)Anirudh Ralhan2016-11-01

Thank you

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