Introduction: How to Make a Mini USB VACUUM CLEANER

How to make a mini USB VACUUM CLEANER part 1

How to make a mini USB vacuum cleaner part 2

Step 1: To Do a Mini USB Vacuum Cleaner You Need!!!

In today's video I'm going to show you the next idea of crafts and home made things, actually how to make a mini USB vacuum cleaner with your own hands at home!

Step 2: It Is Very Easy to Make a Mini USB Vacuum Cleaner With Your Own Hands, But It Takes a Bit More Time to Construct It!

Step 3: With the Help of the Simplest Hand Made USB Vacuum Cleaner You'll Be Able to Remove Some Rubbish From Your Key Board (crumblings, Dust Etc.)

Step 4: The Mini USB Vacuum Cleaner Can Help You After You Have Painted or Drawn the Sketch for Removing the Eraser Bits.

Step 5: Step by Step!

Step 6:

Step 7:

Step 8: All Parts of the Miniature Hand Made USB Vacuum Cleaner You May Construct From the Make-shifts at Home!

Step 9: The Construction of the Miniature Hand Made USB Vacuum Cleaner Has a Little Deference From the Real Vacuum Cleaner, As the Air Is Sucked Through the Turbine As Well!

Step 10: Good Luck in the Creativity and Watch With Pleasure!


revanth001 (author)2016-02-27

where we goin to cut the sheet of tin can u plz give a solution

totemgoat (author)revanth0012016-03-15

tuna can? you'd have to flatten it in a vise or something if it has surface bumps though

loboat (author)2016-02-27

Can I ask you a question romanursuhack ?

loboat (author)loboat2016-02-28

Why did you use a picture of my 3D printed USB Vacuum Cleaner as a fake cover for your video ?

ThomasK19 (author)loboat2016-02-28

You should report that. I don't like people that take without asking.

loboat (author)ThomasK192016-02-29

I already reported his video on YouTube. Except that, that's all I can do...

Akin Yildiz (author)2016-02-27

wow this is very creative

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