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Need a scary Halloween costume? Well look no further! With these steps, you can make your own costume from the video game Five Nights at Candy's. To spook anyone in a 1 block radius!

Step 1: Get Your Supplies.

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For this costume you will need to gather the following items

-A black long-sleeved shirt.

-A black T-shirt.

-A pair of black leggings.

-Dark navy blue fabric.

-Big white buttons. (See step 7 if you have buttons of a different color)

-Mesh fingerless gloves.

-Face paint.

-Makeup remover.

-Straws (thinner works better).


-Tape lots of tape.

-Paint. (White and black)


-Reference Photos.

Once your supplies are gathered, you can begin step 2.

Step 2: Get Your Reference Photos.

Picture of Get Your Reference Photos.

Before you start making the costume, its best to get some reference photos to compare to.

-You can do this by simply looking up the character, Monster Vinnie in google or any other web browser.

-Its important to get the official design for your costume. So, type in "In Game" or "Official" to get the right picture. (The ones I used are above.)

Step 3: Fold Your Claws

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(Steps shown in pictures ^)

-Take your paper and hold it vertically with the holes on your left hand side.

-Fold the upper right hand triangle down into a triangle.

-Take the top of the triangle and fold down again into a triangle.

-Take the right side of the paper and fold it into the triangle to create a square shape.

-Fold the top left hand corner into the bottom right corner to form a triangle.

-Fold one corner of the triangle upwards to make 2 triangles.

-Fold the larger triangle up to the smaller one to create a arrow shape.

-Take the second triangle's extra paper and fold it into the claw.

-Open the remaining tip into a compartment to fit onto your finger.

- Repeat in tell you have 18 claws.

Step 4: Paint the Claws

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Now that your claws are constructed, its time to paint!

-Paint a layer of white paint on all the claws.

-Do a second layer of white on top of the tape to make it blend in.

-Paint 2 black lines on each claw and blend the color in with a paintbrush with a small amount of white paint on it.

-Once the other layers dry, smudge a bit of black paint on the tips of the claws. (This will make it look more claw-like.)

-Let the claws dry.

Step 5: Build Up the Claws

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Now that you have the claws, its time to build the glove's fingers.


-To create your first finger you will need 2 of your pre-made claws.

-Take one of the claws and slide it on top of the other claw.

-Tape the top claw to the bottom claw to create the "bent claw look".

-Fold the bottom claw slightly in half.

-Poke a hole in the middle of the claw to insert straws into the claws. (So they can bend with ease.)

-Tape down the straw so it doesn't come off the claw.

-Tape a handle for your finger on the bottom claw.

-Repeat in tell all 8 fingers are done.


-For a thumb tape the straw to the inside of 2 of the claws.

Step 6: Insert the Claws Into the Glove

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- Weave straws through the mesh glove over the glove's finger.

-Trim straws to the appropriate length for your hand.

-Tape a extra piece of straw to the end of the straw in the glove.

-Repeat for each finger/thumb.

Step 7: Create the Bowtie

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Now with the gloves done, you can start to piece together the outfit. Starting with the bowtie

-Cut out 4 identical heart-like shapes with navy blue fabric.

-Get 2 of the shapes and sew them together with a sewing machine.

-Repeat step 2 for the other 2 shapes.

-Flip the sewn shapes inside out.

-Stuff the 2 shapes and bring them to face each-other in a bow-like manner.

-Hand sew the 2 stuffed shapes together.

-Take an extra piece of the navy blue fabric and cut it into a vertical strip.

-Take the strip of fabric and wrap it around the middle of the 2 shapes. (Where they were sewn together.)

-Sew the fabric in place.

-Set your bowtie aside.

Step 8: Paint the Buttons

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*I didn't have white buttons of the size I wanted at the time so this step is optional.*

-Get a paint-safe area ready.

-Grab 3 large black buttons

-Paint the buttons in 1-2 layers of white paint

-Tap buttons on the table to get paint out of the holes.

-Let them sit to dry.

Step 9: Sew on the Bowtie and Buttons.

Picture of Sew on the Bowtie and Buttons.

Now that you have the bowtie done and the buttons are dry (or just handy.), its time to sew them on.


-Place the bowtie on your black short sleeved shirt. (Stitching facing the shirt and out of sight.)

-Thread your needle and sew the back of the tie to the shirt.

-Hold up the shirt and make any adjustments needed.


-Grab your T-shirt and mark where you want the buttons to be. (They should have a medium-sized gap in between them.)

-Sew the button on the marked parts of the shirt.

How to sew on a button:

-Repeat the second step for the other buttons.

Step 10: Put the Stripes on the Pants and Undershirt.

Picture of Put the Stripes on the Pants and Undershirt.

Time for the stripes!

-Take the undershirt and use masking tape to create stripes on your arms. (Each stripe should have a small gap as shown in the picture.

-Repeat this step in tell you have a total of 3 stripes per arm.

*For the legs do the same but have 4 stripes per leg.*

Step 11: Make-up!

Picture of Make-up!

With your costume completed, its time for the make up.

-Dab a thin layer of black face paint on your eyes with a face paint sponge.

-Dab a second layer of the paint to give yourself a dark eyeshadow type look.

-Dab one last layer of blue face paint on your eyes.

-Dab and smudge black face paint on the rest of your face to create the "withered" look.

-Lightly paint more lines on your face in black and smudge them into the makeup.

-Under the part of your eyes closest to your nose, paint 2 vertical lines going down your cheeks. And continue to paint them in tell they make a solid color. (Use makeup remover to adjust the lines.)

-On your checks, paint 2 medium/small circles in blue paint in tell they area solid color. (Use makeup remover to adjust the circles.)

-Paint blue paint on your lips to create the lipstick. (Use makeup remover to adjust any off lines.)

-Paint 2 vertical lines going down at both sides of your lips to create the puppet jaw.


Swansong (author)2017-10-26

That's creepy and fun! I didn't realize they made another game :)

butlebro014 (author)Swansong2017-11-09

Yeah! Fnac 3. (Its like FNAF 4 in ways.)

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