Introduction: How to Make a Mouse Droid Out of Cardboard

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This is how to make an RC mouse droid from Star Wars

Step 1: Supplies

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A long piece of durable cardboard
Black duct tape
Black spray paint
An RC tiny car

Step 2: Drawing the Body

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Now, you are going to draw the body. Make a rough sketch of the body and all of the dimensions. Sorry if mine is unclear. Use a ruler. It works best.

Step 3: Assembling the Body

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Now, cut out the body carefully with scissors and tape all of the corners together. Then, turn over the body and tape your rc car to the bottom. Make sure there is enough room for the wheels to turn.

Step 4: Adding Details

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On the mouse droid from Star Wars it has some ridges in the middle and some crowns on ether side. Make these decorations out of cardboard. I did not do ridges for the sides. I did just a square

Step 5: Spray Paint

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Take your droid and spray paint everything. Then your done! You can put your mouse droid to work


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