Introduction: How to Make a Name Box

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This is a simple tutorial on a home decoration. It is simple to make and fun to the eye!

Step 1: Materials

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For this project, materials are pretty cheap. You should be able to find most of these at home.
* any magazine
* a box with a clear top, I found mine at Michael's
*a long string, mine is approximately 2 feet, but it can be however long you like as long as it fits around the box.
* a plain white piece of paper.

Step 2: Rip 'em Up!

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Take your magazine and flip through the pages. Find bright and color full pages, and rip out however many you need. For me, I only needed one page and another page ripped in half.

Step 3: Crumple

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This step is simple. Just take your magazine paper and was into a ball.

Step 4: The Box....

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Then pack thaw ball into the container.

Step 5: Get Out That Paper!

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This is a very simple step. Just take your blank sheet of paper and rip an oval, rectangle, circle, square, etc... and write whatever you want on it. I usually write my name, but for this instructable I will write love. You can also cut the paper with scissors, but I like the way the ripped paper looks.

Step 6: Time for Your String

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Take the string and repeatedly wrap around the box. Then tie a knot right where you end the string. After that, you have 2 choices, you can take the string and knot it off where there's alot of string left or a little, depending on how you want to do it.



Now hang wherever and enjoy!!!!


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