Step 4:

Cast on 20 stitches.  I learned a fun new (to me) way to cast on.  Put a sip stitch loop on your left needle. 
Now I must learn to knit! ;-)
I like the scissors :P The neck warmer is cute, too.
Very lovely! I actually just finished something very similar but on a square loom! I used 2 strands of regular worsted yarn and smaller buttons, and didn't have to &quot;make&quot; button holes. Image doesn't quite do it justice, but at least it is the idea ;)<br><br>Thanks so much for sharing, it is an awesome idea and so much faster than a full scarf!
Great idea, I think I will make one with just one BIG button. Like the cast on thing!
Your welcome, Thanks for looking.
What is that beautiful color! It is so pretty! Is this a gift for someone?
No, I made one and wanted to try it out on a thicker yarn. It was just a yarn that caught my eye at Walmart. I didn't think I would be as well liked as it has been. To tell the truth, I'm prouder of the mittens.
That is so beautiful! (and being pink is a big plus) I have never cast on in that way. I am definitely doing that next time I knit! And I just have to make this because it is just so cute!
I'm glad you like it! I do too. Thanks for looking.

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