Step 12: Final Assembly

Picture of Final Assembly
halfwave locate tabs.JPG
halfwave business end.JPG
cf tip array.JPG
The reason I dont bother with any fuses in the live leg of the AC input, is that you can get badly shocked from the HV side of things and the fuse is not even going to blow, let alone protect you.

I noticed that the cap array has a tendency to rotate inside the pvc tube so I glued some locating sections inside to stop it from doing so.

The important thing to remember is to discharge the unit if you want to work on it again, short the neutral grid to the HV side via the 10Meg resistors to avoid stressing any components.

DON'T FORGET to short out the 220v ac input once you have pulled it out of the wall socket, the caps still carry enough of a charge to wake you up rather rudely.

My future TO DO list might include:
  • upgrading the HV pins in the full wave version to CF tips
  • change the neutral wired grid in the half wave version to proper earth/ground grid, which just means I'll need a 3 core cable for the input instead of the present twin-flex.

The last image is a view of the upgraded CF tip array after a lot of use so its rather dusty in there.
yaly4 years ago
you can add a relay so when you plug it the relay turns on to connect the power lines to the capacitors and when you unplug it it shorts out the capacitors.
leaualorin4 years ago
Hey Peter , could galvanized tin be used for the HIGH VOLTAGE "pins"?
I want an " negative ion canon" against these damm chemtrails!
Thank you kindly!
Treknology5 years ago
The carbon fiber is a brilliant idea. I remain concerned about the Earth being used as part of the circuit. If your house is wired properly, there should be no measurable voltage between Neutral and Earth--if there is, something is seriously amiss. The Earth is there for safety, any current leakage to earth should trigger a breaker on your switchboard, even as minute as generated in this device. It also means that if this device continues to function while plugged in, then any metal/earthed appliance in your house could also bite.