hello today i'm going to show you how to make a nether portal without obsidian

Step 1: Making Your Portal

first you want to make a 4 block base and a 5 block height for your portal. [picture] Note that you can put any block for the corners

Step 2: Destroying the Blocks

Once you make your portal, you need to destroy your blocks. To do that, go in the portal and at the same time destroy a block from your portal. keep on doing this until all the blocks are destroyed. or until you are satisfied with the amount of blocks destroyed.

Step 3: Adding Stuff

Finally you can add a house around it and maybe a jeb door/piston door.




<p>You still need obsidian so you technically cant do it without obsidian</p>
<p>That does not work at all. It immediately smashes the portal with a glass break sound or destroys the portal when removing a brick.</p>
<p>Hmmm... maybe one of those bug fix updates or something changed that...</p>
<p>I tested with 1.8.9</p>
<p>Cool minecraft trick.</p>
<p>Cool minecraft trick.</p>
<p>tell me if anything goes wrong</p>

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