How to Make a Ninja Star Out of a CD





Introduction: How to Make a Ninja Star Out of a CD

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This Instruction-able will teach you how to make a ninja star out of an ordinary CD. This is my first instruction-able so bear with me!

Step 1: Materials

You will need for this project:

normal CD(nothing important should be on it).
Scissors(or the pliers in the pic. I used the scissors)

Step 2:

Draw a curved line on the CD to make one side of the star. There will be four curved sides when were done.

Step 3:

Draw a second curved line, with one end touching the end of the last line.

Step 4:

Draw the next two lines. All the lines should be as even as possible. (Mine arn't that even)

Step 5:

Once you got your lines how you like them, start cutting the star out CAREFULLY.

Step 6:

Cut each side carefully until you have cut all sides

Step 7:

There you go! Your very own Ninja star! its more sturdy than paper, so it will throw better. If you want to color it with sharpies, you can. Have fun and be careful!



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    what i did is i crossed two pieces over each other and taped em together and made mini ninja stars