Survivorman (Les Stroud) is one of my idols. His outdoors skills are absolutely amazing! If you watch Les, then you'll know he usually wears a bandana.

Bandanas, besides being common in different cultures, are used to keep sweat out of eyes, and also stuff out of hair. Paintballers like bandanas to keep paint out of their hair.

I had never worn a bandana before, and didn't own one either. So I was determined to make one. But oh no!, I didn't have enough spare cloth. So I used my resources. :-) It's economical, and it fits in your pocket for those situations when you need it!

Now, this makes a bandana that is perfectly fine for wearing, but it isn't perfectly symmetrical. But if you wear it on your head, no one should notice.

Also included is my favorite method on how to put on a bandana.

Warning: Certain colors can be taken as a sign of gang affiliation, and you can be killed for that. Check with your local authorities on what colors local gangs use, and avoid those!!!

Hope you enjoy, it's good to be back.

Step 1: Materials

- A shirt with hems on the sides on around the sleeve near the shoulder that you don't want any more - whatever looks good to you. I used a camo shirt that was ripped and too small.

- Yard/metre stick

- Scissors
Wow those sideburns though!
great tutorial mate, wanted to try out a bandana and this worked perfectly! <br> <br>Thanks!
Was looking for a pattern to sew a simple bandana and found your fab tute! Thanks SOOOO much...talk about a cool time saver....off to snip up the other halves old tee shirts right now! x
Cool, never though to make one of these out of a shirt. Another pic in the "cutting" step would be easier for those of us who are newbs with a scissors.
If you like Survivorman Les Stroud, you should check out Ray Mears.
I sure will! Thanks for checking out my iBle!

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