How to Make a One Shoulder Ruffle Dress





Introduction: How to Make a One Shoulder Ruffle Dress

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On this tutorial I will teach you How To recycle a shirt into a casual ruffle Dress. I love making this kind of dresses recycling a shirt or anything I can find in my closet. You can wear it with a pair of platform pumps to look stunning!

You need:
  1. a shirt
  2. Fabric: Cotton
  3. Elastic
  4. Scissors
  5. Sewing Machine
  6. Thread

Step 1: First Step

  1. Measure from your shoulder to the bust. Mark on the shirt the length.
  2. Mark as you see in the pictures.
  3. Now measure from your shoulder to under the bust line
  4. Mark on the shirt making it one shoulder then cut. That will be the top of the dress.

Step 2: Second Step

Now we're going to work with the fabric :)

  1. Fold the fabric for this part. Then fold again the length you want for the ruffle.
  2. Cut and apart to sew later.
  3. Measure acording to your body to this part, it has to be very loose. See how I did it? :)
  4. Pin that measure on the fabric
  5. Fold in half and cut the leftovers as you can see it in the picture.
Now starts the tricky part...
  1. First sew the both sides. It would look like a skirt
  2. Is time time to sew the elastic. Choose a wide elastic for this part. Pin the elastic then sew carefully! :)
  3. To give the finishing touch... Turn twice the edge of the skirt and sew
  4. Unite together the top and bottom with the help of a pin, and sew

Step 3: Third Step

Almost done! :)

Remember the other fabric I first cut? Well that will be the ruffle part.
  1. Sew the other elastic on the fabric. This will be the ruffle of the top.
  2. Sew the edges to finish
  3. For this part a little bit of patience :) Pin the ruffle fabric to the superior part of the top and sew again.
You made it! Takes a little of time but is worth it! Good Luck! :)



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    I can actually see some part of your b**bs, so please dont maketgat type of clothes , but anyway u r ideas are greatand cute like you

    super liiindo el vestidito!! el video está genial! qué máquina usas?? usaste algodón licrado o solo algodón??

    Awesome giannyl! (Like always) LOVE IT! ;)

    Whoa! Beautiful dress and you look absolutely stunning! Your video was very helpful and easy to follow! I can't wait to try this! Thank you for sharing!!

    Me encanta el vestido

    That dress is adorable! (and so are you...)

    Can't wait ti try this.