Picture of How to Make a One Shoulder Ruffle Dress

On this tutorial I will teach you How To recycle a shirt into a casual ruffle Dress. I love making this kind of dresses recycling a shirt or anything I can find in my closet. You can wear it with a pair of platform pumps to look stunning!

You need:
  1. a shirt
  2. Fabric: Cotton
  3. Elastic
  4. Scissors
  5. Sewing Machine
  6. Thread

Step 1: First Step

  1. Measure from your shoulder to the bust. Mark on the shirt the length.
  2. Mark as you see in the pictures.
  3. Now measure from your shoulder to under the bust line
  4. Mark on the shirt making it one shoulder then cut. That will be the top of the dress.
super liiindo el vestidito!! el video está genial! qué máquina usas?? usaste algodón licrado o solo algodón??
Liger4 years ago
Awesome giannyl! (Like always) LOVE IT! ;)
EbiRamen9894 years ago
Whoa! Beautiful dress and you look absolutely stunning! Your video was very helpful and easy to follow! I can't wait to try this! Thank you for sharing!!
sbela4 years ago
Me encanta el vestido
jsanders14 years ago
That dress is adorable! (and so are you...)
nach14 years ago
Can't wait ti try this.