video How to Make a Open Shoulder Top Out of a T-Shirt
Thanks to a fan that inspired me I'm doing this practical open shoulder top. It's simple and elegant at the same time!
euricy4 years ago
Are you mute? Please use your words. They would explain much better.
samette euricy4 years ago
She's from South America - doing her videos without speaking is probably so people all around the world can understand. most of her techniques are so simple they don't need to be explained.
lizm5677654 years ago
do you have an instructable for the t shirt you were already wearing? The one at :35?
tvanderwell4 years ago
Great video! I don't think you need to add talking, the music was rad and the steps are easy to understand. Thanks!
ivana94 years ago
:O such a cute costume! and u'r friends with Larissa?
giannyl (author) 5 years ago
@Matibe Gracias! @Noelle Yes, it doesn't need another one :) @Monmon Thank you!
matibe5 years ago
noelle_tan5 years ago
so it it just one stitch for the elastic?
monmon4355 years ago