How to Make a 3D Printed PCB Vise!





Introduction: How to Make a 3D Printed PCB Vise!

Hey all!

This instructable shows you how to 3D print a PCB vise and how to assemble it. This is my first instructable so feel free to give feedback so i can improve in future projects.

Right then, on with the project!

What you'll need to build this vise is:

-A 3D printer.

-20cm M6 threaded rod.

-3xM6 nuts.

-A small M3 screw and nut.


-M4 screw and nut.

-Small 3mm screw.

Step 1: 3D Print All the Things!

First we need to print all the parts. I've attached all the STL files. Only the base requires some support, everything else you're able to print without.

Step 2: Assemble the Screw

The assembly is pretty straight forward but I will explain step by step anyways.

Take two nuts and put them on the threaded rod. Tighten the nuts together, this will make them stay in place. Put the printed handle onto the nuts, this takes a little bit of force to get on.

Easy enough.

Step 3: Vise Assembly

The vise contains of the base, screw and the arm. Begin by putting the screw though the base and then place the arm and a M6 nut onto the screw as shown on the picture. All that's left then is to push the screw through the hole on the otherside.

Step 4: Mount Assembly

Push the M3 nut into the mount and the attach the ball coupler on the mount. Then all you have to do is to put the base ball in the coupler.


Add the M4 nut into the otherside of the mount and add the screw to complete the clamp. In my case the screw was not needed, i could just secure the mount directly on the table.

Add the small screw to the ball coupler to be able to lock the position in place.

And there you have it! Now soldering/desoldering is a piece of cake!

Thank you for reading!



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First of all, thanks for sharing this nice project, I've been looking for a long time and didn't find anything fitting my needs, will be my first project with 3D printed parts

I've downloaded the 3D files to send it to a local printer, but I'm realizing I can't hold 10cm. wide boards with this clamp.

I'm trying to modify the design, although I don't have any experience with 3D design, I think it will be enough to edit the "vise_base.stl" and extend 5cm. the part where the rod is inserted, is it ok?

Time to learn about 3D design...

1 reply

Hello! To edit the STL files is kinda a pain so I suggest either I edit it for you or I could release the DWG file, that way it would be easier to edit the parts. If you'd like I can do a version to fit your liking. Thanks for the comment!


Could you send the body STL file again I got 2 mounts

Want to make this

2 replies

Got it.


It's done! Thank you for commenting, strange how the files have merged somehow. I sliced all those STLs before uploading so i don't understand how i could have missed that. Good luck!

You should add "3D Printed" into the title. Other than that, Awesome idea!

1 reply

Absolutely, will do. Thanks for the feedback!

Great idea and nicely done. Have you thought of doing a free standing one on some sort of base which would be convenient for those who can't screw something to the table?

1 reply

Thank you! I needed a table clamped version but it would be useful with the option. Thanks for the advice!

Thanks for the feedback! Let me know if there is something that doesnt fit/ I could improve. I made this vise to fit my needs so I'm not sure if it's compatible with your desk, let me know and i'll update the files :).

Your photography is great! Thank you for sharing!

1 reply

Thank you so much!