first you need a piece of paper.

Step 1:

Then you take the top corners and fold them until they make a point on the other corner.

Step 2:

Then you flip the piece of paper and you push the middle of the paper

Step 3:

Then you take the middle lines and fold them down, until you make a triangle.

Step 4:

Then you take the corners flaps and fold them in.

Step 5:

Then you take the little edges and fold them in.

Step 6:

Then you take the little top triangle and fold it down, and tuck the little corners in the gaps.

Step 7: The Last Step

Now you take the edges and fold them in then fold them in half.

Step 8:

And that is how you make a paper air plane. the end

<p>That's a great looking plane! Thanks for sharing and welcome to instructables! </p>

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