9 easy steps

Step 1: Step: 1

Fold it in half crossed the lines.

Step 2: Step: 2

Fold it in half and open the pocket.

Step 3: Step: 3

Flatten the open pocket so that its a square.

Step 4: Step: 4

Fold in, across the lines. then open the folds back out.

Step 5: Step: 5

Fold the bottom tip up and flatten the pocket.

Step 6: Step: 6

Repeat step 5 on the other side

Step 7: Step: 7

Fold in the ends at a 45ish degree angle.

Step 8: Step: 8

Fold in the end to make the head

Step 9: Step: 9

Fold the wings down at an angle twards the head

Step 10: Finished

<p>do a video</p>
<p>Nice!! most of the ones I see (All of them) are like 16 or more steps!! This one is so much easier!!! I &lt;3 it!!!</p>
<p>This is so cool! Might have to try for my brother!!!!</p>
looks so easy when you do it
<p>Step 11: Make 999 more<br>Step 12: Make a wish.</p>

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