Picture of How to Make a Paper Double Barreled Sawn-off Shotgun
have you ever realized how many tutorials there are on how to build a paper sawn-off shotgun in word form? let alone how many tutorials there are on how to build a paper shotgun period? not very many. if you are one of those people searching for a tutorial on how to build a paper a sawn off paper shotgun, but can't find any videos on how to make one, than this is the instructable for you. below is the gun we will be making, except out of paper. lets get started!

Step 1: Making the Barrels

Picture of Making the Barrels
take one piece of 8.5 x 11 inch paper, and roll it across and tape the ends so you have one long paper tube. repeat this step once, so you have 2 barrels.
contom10271 year ago

it took me a while but i made it

i thought u were gunna make one like in the picture
THE MIZ4 years ago
how to make a metal ninja star is better than this site
slickytail4 years ago
wierd angle
u are not wierd u are really wierd
leoishungry4 years ago
Check out my paper guns
SPYBOOM4 years ago
Had to mod it with scissors
acdc12265 years ago
could you put in a vid thanx yo rock jist dont get up in anione grill
eman4145 years ago
 how do you make the trigger
666man8 (author)  eman4145 years ago
you cut a tiny piece of paper and tape to gun.
looks like hes done it with tape
acdc12265 years ago
sukinmaru5 years ago
awesome job