How to Make a Paper Mache Figure + Preserve Old Artwork





Introduction: How to Make a Paper Mache Figure + Preserve Old Artwork

This project I made to preserve my old artwork from when I was a child. I made it with all upcycled paper found in my home and only spent 2.63 $ on a roll of yellow masking tape to start the figure. It sure does pay to save toilet paper rolls.

Step 1: Plan the Shape of Your Figure.

Step 2: Using Tape and Thick Paper Make Figure Shape

Step 3: Add More Thick Paper to Make Shape of Clothes

Step 4: Using Tape and Paper Make Face and Finger Shapes

Step 5: Using Basic Paper Mache Cover Shapes With Newspaper

Step 6: Cover Newspaper With Tissue Paper Using White Glue

Step 7: Make Hair by Rolling Newspaper Up Into Paper Mache 'mud'

Step 8: Cover Figure With Artwork

I used old artwork from when I was ages 5-12 for this figure. I am preserving my old artwork in this figure.



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    Toilet paper tubes are endlessly useful for projects like this. Thank you for sharing your work!

    thanks for looking at it! it was lots of fun to make!