Picture of How to Make a Paper Plate Bunny
This will give you instructions on how to make a paper plate bunny with just a few materials needed

Step 1: Materials you will need

Picture of Materials you will need
1. White paper plates (If you can’t find these you can paint the plate white)
2. Colored construction paper
3. Glue
4. Markers
5. Scissors
jmccarte2 years ago
1. Strong visuals that work well with the text
2. Very simple instructions that are easy to follow
3. Good use of the gutters

1. The background of the pictures is very distracting at times
2. Some of the steps are repetitive and could be paired with a previous step, like steps 7 and 8
3. Use better titles for your first couple of steps with better action verbs

This project was very easy to follow and I believe that we could construct it easily with this set of instructables.