This will give you instructions on how to make a paper plate bunny with just a few materials needed

Step 1: Materials you will need

1. White paper plates (If you can’t find these you can paint the plate white)
2. Colored construction paper
3. Glue
4. Markers
5. Scissors
Pros: <br>1. Strong visuals that work well with the text <br>2. Very simple instructions that are easy to follow <br>3. Good use of the gutters <br> <br>Cons: <br>1. The background of the pictures is very distracting at times <br>2. Some of the steps are repetitive and could be paired with a previous step, like steps 7 and 8 <br>3. Use better titles for your first couple of steps with better action verbs <br> <br>This project was very easy to follow and I believe that we could construct it easily with this set of instructables.

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