Picture of How to Make a Paper Shuriken
In this instructable, you'll learn how to make a shuriken also known as a ninja star out of paper.

Step 1: Get One Piece of Origami Paper

Picture of Get One Piece of Origami Paper
Get one piece of origami paper. Any square piece of paper will work too. You only need one piece of paper. I know there are two in the picture, but you only need one!
riane.lim.545 months ago


riane.lim.545 months ago


riane.lim.545 months ago

i like stars(shuriken)

could you do this with index cards?
YellowBlu Co. (author)  friendlysinger3 years ago
Yes, but it would be VERY hard to fold in the flaps to the body, and it come out VERY small.
OK, thanks! People did this in my grade and I think they might have used index cards. (I wouldn't know becuase I never made one and they got banned from my grade. My dean even went room to room at took them himself!)