Well, it's been a while since I posted an Instructable. This will show you how to make a super-fly paper tree.
You will need two(2) preferably square pieces of paper but you can start out with rectangle peices of paper, glue, and scissors.
(Don't draw the lines on the folds, I did that so you could see the folds in the pictures better.)

Step 1: Well...

First fold it in half corner to corner. Unfold. Fold it corner to corner again the other way. Next fold it in half regularly. Unfold. Fold in half again. It should look like the last picture in this step but with lines on it from all sides.
<em><strong>this has really helped me do my social studies model..!</strong></em>
ya this is kind of hard and confusing :|
This is really confusing
that was a tad bit confusing, but after about an hour i fianlly figured it out. i used two for an english project for my english class. i'll put the youtube link up later so you can see your trees in action :)
What exactly was confusing? It always helps to know :) Especially if I'm going to re-do this ible...<br /> Ok cool :D&nbsp;
Um. A little bit confusing
I think I'm going to try to re-do this instructable with better explanations and pictures.
hey i dont really understand how to make it. ill try to make the tree and thanks for the idea thanks tons
I wish you luck
i'm going to make some :)
This is a great Instructable to pass the time.<br/>The only possible fault I could find is that the images are blurry, but other than that it's great fun.<br/><br/>I've made my own one, with little presents too =]<br/>
I like yours. :) I had my camera on macro and I think I put it too close to the tree...
This thing is HOT. Lol, just kidding, but its cool. Ima make a forest.
It's super-fly. Have you made one yet?
No, not yet, I'm makin my to-do list for the holidays. All i have to do is carry it around EVERYWHERE, and i get whatever i want to do done. I'm gonna put this on it.
Oh yeah, and do you know where i can get some of the unsticky note pads? All the ones i see are sticky.
If you go to Wal*Mart down the school supplies aisle there is a spiral notepad. Or you can cut squares out of construction paper.
cool, i would decorate it and stuff and it would be a christmas tree :-)
I like to do that and if it's big enough, I put little presents under it.

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