How to Make a Paper Umbrella using posters and office supplies

Picture of How to Make a Paper Umbrella using posters and office supplies
This is a fun, relatively simple umbrella project that’s great for a rainy day. (Of which there are plenty in Seattle- however, don’t try to use this umbrella in the rain!) Similar to those little paper umbrellas you find in cocktails, these umbrellas open and close! For variety you can use different paper designs and decorate your umbrella however you like. This is a medium-difficulty project that takes about 20 minutes to complete.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

Materials:....Posters (or paper), scissors, wooden sticks, glue, duct tape, manilla folders, and pompoms.

Step 2: Base of Umbrella

Picture of Base of Umbrella
Cut one large square from poster or cardboard. The square size will determine your umbrella's size

Step 3: Folding the umbrella roof

Picture of Folding the umbrella roof
Fold the paper square.  This is going to become the umbrella roof.  The square needs to be folded four times. First, fold the square horizontally in both directions from the inside (so that the two folds are inward.)  Next, fold each diagonal side inversely of the horizontal sides; that is, fold it with an outward-facing crease.

Step 4: Creating creases

Picture of Creating creases
The umbrella roof should fold into a four sided pyramid with inward-facing creases in the middle.  Each of these four inward-facing creases must be folded outward to create another triangle leg in between the main portions.  This is done by pulling out the crease while simultaneously putting together the two sides around it.

Step 5: Scalloping

Picture of Scalloping
Cut the edges of the folded umbrella roof. Semi Circles are cut for for the small axis (that is, the smaller triangles you folded in step 3), while the larger (the remaining outside lengths) are cut in broad curves.

Step 6: Now is time for the handle

Picture of Now is time for the handle
Poke the stick through the top middle of the umbrella roof, leaving a portion of the stick poking out of the top. Secure the lower and under sides of the roof with thin rolls of tape around the stick.
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Awesome project
great one!
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I love you!

Ahem, I wanted to say that it is exactly the project that I thought and needed. Thank you thousand of times.
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Love the simple mechanics of this umbrella.
That is so cool! I swear, I was wishing just yesterday I had a little paper umbrella to put in my drink! Have you made smaller ones too?