I show how to make a mini paperclip slingshot. It is very easy to make and only requires a paper clip, elastic band and pliers to bend the paper clip with. The paperclip is bent into a ‘Y’ shape and the elastic band is cut and tied to the fork. The projectiles are simple V darts that can be made by bending paperclip scraps or folding paper into a V shape. It only takes a few minutes to make and with enough practice you can become a fairly accurate shot. This is a fun project that you can do to entertain yourself when you’re bored.

Step 1: Materials


-Elastic band


-Paper/Sticky notes (For the ammunition)


Step 2: Watch the Video

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<p>Finally! a Instructable that allows me to spread anthrax around the classroom with ease! </p>
<p>this is nostalogy for me and my friends that lives in IRAN </p>
<p>Wow! Sooo cool! I must make one of those! Thanks for sharing! </p>
Where's the rest?
<p>Me and my friends call them &quot;hornets&quot; because they feel like you get stung by a hornet when one hits you, we usually just put a rubber band around our fingers but now i want see what they think the next time they try to shoot me. And by the way that was one of the more professional how-to videos I've seen most of them have really bad rap music and crappy footage but yours was great, easy to follow, and i love the music.</p>
<p>This was like the stuff we made while we were like freshmen. more people like making clothespin guns. but this video is great quality just as you said</p>
<p>Yeah, at my school that's what they call them. That kind of stuff has died down now though, because people kept getting in trouble.</p>
<p>Also used to make these at School, difference back then was you could use Golf Ball Elastic. You used to gut the Golf Ball and would be rewarded with a couple 100 meters of very fine elastic. Now days the golf balls are Solid Core, how sad.</p>
<p>It works pretty well. I made darts from flat rolled sticky notes. The bright color lets me better see them against the target.</p>
Funny how the dog appears and disappears in the background... I've made these before, using a plastic ruler and 2 pens you can make a pretty good crossbow.
<p>I wonder if I would be allowed to make one in the nanny state I live in? Slingshots are illegal in NSW, Australia.</p>
<p>Use to make these in school, Great fun, Until we got caught.</p><p>another way, is to Gut a Bic Pen, Remove that Cap on the end, Remove the Ink stem until you have an empty tube. </p><p>Next, Secure a Rubber-band on either side of the big end &amp; Tape the Band to the tube.</p><p>Next unbend a paper clip, Cut the wire to about 3 - 4 inches long 7 now you have a Dart. WARNING this ARROW shooter can Do some very serious Damage to any Living Thing, Including but not limited to, Teachers. BEWARE &amp; Shoot at Cans or paper Targets only!</p>
<p>I love slingshots, great idea</p>
<p>That is really cool, I like the way you have made it so realistic!</p><p>You should dip the handle in a bit of hot plastic an hold the plastic part so it looks even cooler!</p><p>If you fold a piece of paper the way you mentioned it becomes what is commonly known as a &quot;WASP&quot; (worrying air strike paper)</p><p>Anyways, I think this is awesome, keep up the good work!</p>
<p>Neat, definitely doing this next time I'm in an office environment!</p>

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