How to Make a Paracord Bracelet





Introduction: How to Make a Paracord Bracelet

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Learn how to make a paracord with this fun video. Bad jokes included! Instructions below...but you should really watch the video too!

Step 1: What You Will Need




Release buckle/clip

Tape measure

Step 2: Cut the Paracord

Cut the paracord to length. Approximately 8ft for an 8" bracelet. Then take your release clip and thread one half of it onto the middle of the cord. In this tutorial I am making a two colour bracelet to make it easier for you to see what I am doing. If you are doing a two colour bracelet you will need to use a lighter to heat the two ends and melt them together.

Step 3: Get Ready to Start Weaving

Add the other side of the clip onto the end of the paracord and pull tight. Make sure you have got them on the right way round! Give it a little test by clipping it together before you start. To be able to thread the paracord efficiently you may want to anchor the two ends to ensure it is pulled tight as you weave.

Step 4: Start Your Weave/plait

Take the cord on the right and loosely cross it over the centre. Take the cord on the left and take it under the centre and up through the cord on the right. Pull, and it should make a knot. Now swap and do the same but starting with the cord on the left.

Step 5:

Repeat this action again and again, alternating sides as you go. Remember to keep pulling the cord as tight as you can.

Step 6: Keep Weaving!

If it looks something like this you are on the right track!

Step 7: When You Have Reached the Other End

Fit as many weaves in as you can and then once again pull as tight as possible.

Step 8: The End

Then simply cut the ends of the paracord and burn them with a lighter to make sure they stay in place and don't unravel.



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    Hi, cool project. Was wondering if you could do a tutorial on making watch bands. I have a pretty big watch (I am a guy), and have not found any instructions on building straps ~1" in width. Also, possible to get metal buckles? Pretty sure I would destroy the plastic buckle quickly.


    2 replies

    Hey, yeah sure, I will look into that one! As for the metal buckles, I use steel shackles as well as plastic ones but I doubt there are such things metal release buckles as that wouldn't really work.

    Awesome! Hey I also looked at getting a bracelet (strap lol, I don't wear "bracelets") on your ebay page, but there is no shipping option to the US! If you do update to allow for US shipping, please let me know as I want to get a pre-made one as a reference model to use. An option for "width" would be cool as well, so I can use it with my watch if you can make a 1" version.


    (also, your ebay page you have a link to is not updated to your latest listing page)

    Great Tutorial, enjoyed the fooling around with instructions. To many people get too serious when they do videos. I'll have to visit your site. Thanks Jennie

    1 reply

    Thanks Jennie, I'm glad you enjoyed my slightly different teaching style...!

    hi Kate . Brilliant ! . Thank you for sharing this . Great for those "not so important people " presents at Xmas etc . Love you method of teaching . You are funny which made the video all that more entertaining . Keep it up and you will own the next Fortune 500 company . Parakate .. Will look at your lines and see if we can support you a bit .

    1 reply

    Hi there, yes they are good as little presents! Thanks so much for watching & yes fingers crossed maybe one day it will take me somewhere :P

    yours is the first paracord vid i've ever seen that showed BOTH ends @ once; thank-you!! i could finally make sense of how to begin & end it just because you had the forethought to show everything! :D

    1 reply

    Thanks for the taking the time to have a look!

    Hi, nice instructable. Have you seen the Manny Method for joining two different lengths together? It is a bit more work but looks nicer on the lighter coloured paracords which don't look so attractive when they are melted and burnt.

    And just one other tip that I use, put a drop of Cyanoacrylate glue on the paracord where you want to cut the cord. It will soak through and harden. Then you can just cut the cord in the middle of the glued area, it wont fray and there is no need to melt the ends with a lighter, once again this really makes the difference for the lighter coloured paracords.

    1 reply

    cool way to do it ~~ thanx for sharing!

    yours is the first paracord vid i've ever seen that showed BOTH ends @ once; thank-you!! i could finally make sense of how to begin & end it just because you had the forethought to show everything! :D

    Looks good! Just one thing.if you can..REALLY pull them tight every weave..makes for a much neater job

    Nice project, I am going to make a paracord belt. Would you like me to post it on your instructible for you?

    One if THE BEST tutorials for this weave that I have ever seen!! Thanks for making this so easy to understand!! :D

    1 reply

    Aw thanks for that, glad you like it!!