Picture of How to Make a Paracord Fishing Lure
Today I will show you how to make a quick and easy paracord fishing lure. If you're like me and have replaced your boot laces with paracord then you always have some on hand. So if you're ever fishing and you run out of bait, or find yourself in a survival situation this could be good to know.

Step 1: What you will need.

Picture of What you will need.
To make this lure you will need the following:

1. One piece of 550 paracord about 4 inches in length.
2. One fishing hook.
3. Knife or pair of scissors 
4. Lighter or matches.
I like the way you sealed up the end. Looks more tidy than mine does. Good job.
lilchumy11 months ago
Nice, please check out my guide on bass fishing.
Camilo5431 year ago
How'd you singe the end so clean? Mine looks so messy.

Well done

This is an imaginary idea, thanks for posting and sharing

hmerritt11 year ago

This is a really easy instructable. I tried it and went fishing the next day. It works great with panfish, but since it's lightweight it has a hard time sinking. I suggest using a jig to make the lure or attaching a sinker down near the hook before you fish. Overall an A+!!!

K-DiDDY1 year ago

This is really cool. Unique. My stepmom and stepsister always tease me about my paracord projects, but I bet they would love this! Does anyone know how well it works or not?

gator girl2 years ago
What will I catch with this
Prepforshtf (author)  gator girl2 years ago
I have only used them for trout so far but I am sure they will catch other types of fish.
booter12 years ago
This lure looks Great! *variations on a theme: longer, shorter, asymetrical, beads or spinners behind eye/in front of body, etc. Also if you douse the lure with any of the commercial 'fish attractants' or just immerse in a jar of fish eggs - this should increase your number of hookups?
Prepforshtf (author)  booter12 years ago
Thanks, never thought of dipping it in fish attractant.
So have you caught a fish with it?
Prepforshtf (author)  potatomansoup2 years ago
I did catch trout with a black one in clear water.
Prepforshtf (author)  potatomansoup2 years ago
I've only been able to get out once since fishing season started last saturday, but I have no doubt that it will catch fish.
Denger2 years ago
I'd be interested to know which species of fish tend to take this bait. Can you please post an update when you know, Prepforshtf?
Prepforshtf (author)  Denger2 years ago
I have caught Trout with a black one in clear water and would use an orange one in murky water. Unfortunately the day I caught trout with the black one I forgot my camera at home. But I going again next week sometime.
spencedaddy2 years ago
Awesome instructable! I have already made several of these. I did find a way to improve upon it though. Instead of using one of the inner strands as a way to tie the skirt down, I found some thread and tied the same knot as a slip bobber stopper. Not only did it secure the rig better but it stayed tied tight as well. I learned how to tie the knot from this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MGuhcqyvVx8. I used regular straws and I could fit the entire jig into the straw before I had to shimmie the thread onto the jig.
Prepforshtf (author)  spencedaddy2 years ago
Thanks!! Thats cool let me know how they work.
CementTruck2 years ago
I used to make beer bottle cap lures. Paracord would make a great tail. i used to fold a bottle cap in half by using my thumb and pointer finger and before I squeezed it completely I would drop a BB in there for a rattle. Different bottle cap designs made for some striking lures.

I voted by the way.
Prepforshtf (author)  CementTruck2 years ago
Interesting thanks for the vote.
salomon19962 years ago
Amazing idea! Can't wait to try it out on the fish. I'm wondering if it will work for fly fishing.
Misac-kun2 years ago
Try fishing with it and post a video!
Prepforshtf (author)  Misac-kun2 years ago
I plan on it soon!
chokapi2 years ago
Yet another great use for PC, and my favorite color, too. Got my vote. I wonder, would using the kind with reflective tape get the fish to hit?

If you haven't, check out my crampon hack using PC.
Prepforshtf (author) 2 years ago
Thanks RedneckEngineer!!
Prepforshtf (author) 2 years ago
Not yet spencedaddy, just made this the other day but have no doubt that these will catch trout and other fish. Fishing season opens soon here and I will make a video of my first catch with one.
spencedaddy2 years ago
Thats really cool. Have you caught anything with these jigs? If you have, what did you catch?