Introduction: How to Make a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Meal

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How to make a delicious pb and j sandwich meal easy

Step 1: Gather Materials

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Get the supplies that are going to be used to make the sandwich. The materials are peanut butter, jelly, a loaf of bread, a knife, choice of chips, choice of beverage, and paper towels

Step 2: Prepare Workspace

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Place a paper towel on a flat surface

Step 3: Getting the Bread

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Take out two pieces of bread and lay them side by side on the paper towel

Step 4: The Peanut Butter

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Using the knife spread desired amount of peanut butter on the side facing up for both slices of bread.

Step 5: Cleaning the Knife

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Grab a new piece of paper towel and clean the peanut butter off of the knife.

Step 6: The Jelly

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Open the jelly and use the knife to spread your desired amount of jelly on one slice of bread

Step 7: Putting It All Together

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Take the slice of bread that has just the peanut butter on it and put it on top of the slice with jelly.

Step 8: Cutting the Bread

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take the knife and cut diagonally from one corner of the bread to the next corner.

Step 9: Add Choice of Chips and Beverage

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put your choice of chips on the paper towel with the sandwich and get your beverage

Step 10: Enjoy Your Meal

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Once everything is ready you can enjoy your delicious peanut butter and jelly meal


tomatoskins (author)2015-09-18

I love PB&J;!

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