Introduction: How to Make a Pen Holder (DIY) With Magnets

In this Instructables, I will be discussing how I made this Pen Holder which was made using limited tools. Take a look at the YouTube video for a full build video on how I made this project!

Step 1: Selecting Wood- Cutting the Wood - Adding Groove- Ataching Magnets

Picture of Selecting Wood- Cutting the Wood - Adding Groove- Ataching Magnets

Unfortunately for this built I do not have any photos of each stage, however for an in depth look watch the YouTube video provided. The first step was to plane a piece of wood to the required length and thickness. Then I ran the board through the planner to make sure all the sides were square. Over at the Table Saw I cut the piece into two. Next planning the cut sides to get rid of any blade marks. At the router I used a round nosed bit to created the groove. I made a temporary fence around the router so I could run the project across it. (Video shows this stage in depth). Using the Drill Press I drilled a hole the same diameter of the magnet into both the top and the bottom piece. Using Araldite I attached the magnets. After lots of sanding and multiple coats of Danish Oil the Pen Holder was finished! I later added some rubber feet.

Step 2: Thank You

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Thanks for reading my article on this built! Make sure to check out the YouTube Link provided!


OmegaRacer (author)2016-08-10

Very nice!

Thank you

seamster (author)2016-07-26

This looks excellent! I really like the finished look. Nicely done :)

Thank You :)

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