Picture of How to Make a Perfect S'more
So, until now, I'm betting that most of you thought that the only way to make a good s'more was over a fire, yes?


I can show you how to make an absolutly PERFECT s'more, possibly useful for world domination. Then again, maybe not. You'll just have to try it and find out!
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Step 1: Step 1: Find Various Bits

Picture of Step 1: Find Various Bits
Per s'more, you will need:

2 Graham Crackers
4 Big Chocolate Chips, I like Hershey's Mini Kisses
1 Marshmallow

Step 2: Step Two: Prepare the Super High Tech Marshmallow/Chocolate Module

Picture of Step Two: Prepare the Super High Tech Marshmallow/Chocolate Module
First, poke a chocolate chip into each end of the marshmallow (Picture 1). Poke them in far, so that the marshmallow can still stand on end without tipping over too much.

After that, put the other two chocolate chips on each side of the marshmallow (Picture 2).
Put the whole thing on a graham wafer so that it doesn't tip over (Picture 3).

Step 3: Now this is the (comparitively) hard part....

Picture of Now this is the (comparitively) hard part....
Microwaving these things is not hard, but it is fairly precise. Too long, and the marshmallow will burn/melt all over the place, but not long enough and the chocolate chips won't melt enough.

First put the graham wafer/marshmallow/chocolate unit in the very center of the microwave. Close the door, set it for 10 seconds, and DO NOT PRESS START YET. What we're trying to do here is press the 'stop' button just as the marshmallow begins to swell up significantly. I generally wait for it to either start to spill over the edge of the cracker, or a chocolate chip to fall out. It may not work very well the first time.

Go ahead and do that, and the marshmallow will immediately begin to deflate upon removal from microwave, ending up something like the one in the picture. Notice that a chocolate chip has been pushed out; make sure that all chocolate chips are in contact with lots of marshmallow. The chocolate chips themselves don't seem to be affected by the microwave, so it's the heat of the marshmallow that softens the chocolate.
shop452244 years ago
this is the most COOLEST thing i have ever seen thank you for putting this up!;) i love this and i make like everyday it tastes just like a real smore but BETTER! i looked at the desert to find something tasty and i found thank you again!;)
kaitlyn.5 years ago
josefu06 years ago
can i have it =]
loltae6 years ago
looks kinda tasty *licks lips*
ellinger8 years ago
This is a reasonable alternative to a campfire s'more. However, it lacks the carmelization and smoke flavoring essential to a perfect s'more.
iSmack ellinger6 years ago
We have some liquid smoke used for broiling if u cant grill outside. Put a dash of that on top before cooking? :P just ideas lol.
Alan the Great (author)  ellinger8 years ago
I know... but, since this is as nice as a microwave s'more can be, then it is the perfect MICROWAVED s'more.
Shoebob8 years ago
um, i actually like microwave s'mores, but thats considered cheating for us campers, but i like it for if its rainy or really bad outside
that is why you use a stove. if its electric ( I shed a tear)i am sorry