Picture of How to Make a Perfect S'more
So, until now, I'm betting that most of you thought that the only way to make a good s'more was over a fire, yes?


I can show you how to make an absolutly PERFECT s'more, possibly useful for world domination. Then again, maybe not. You'll just have to try it and find out!

Step 1: Step 1: Find Various Bits

Picture of Step 1: Find Various Bits
Per s'more, you will need:

2 Graham Crackers
4 Big Chocolate Chips, I like Hershey's Mini Kisses
1 Marshmallow
shop452244 years ago
this is the most COOLEST thing i have ever seen thank you for putting this up!;) i love this and i make like everyday it tastes just like a real smore but BETTER! i looked at the desert to find something tasty and i found thank you again!;)
kaitlyn.5 years ago
josefu06 years ago
can i have it =]
loltae6 years ago
looks kinda tasty *licks lips*
ellinger8 years ago
This is a reasonable alternative to a campfire s'more. However, it lacks the carmelization and smoke flavoring essential to a perfect s'more.
iSmack ellinger6 years ago
We have some liquid smoke used for broiling if u cant grill outside. Put a dash of that on top before cooking? :P just ideas lol.
Alan the Great (author)  ellinger8 years ago
I know... but, since this is as nice as a microwave s'more can be, then it is the perfect MICROWAVED s'more.
Shoebob8 years ago
um, i actually like microwave s'mores, but thats considered cheating for us campers, but i like it for if its rainy or really bad outside
that is why you use a stove. if its electric ( I shed a tear)i am sorry