Hello.  this is my entry for the Green Tech Contest.    


  1.  About 30 in. of PVC pipe
  2.  3 T-pieces of PVC pipe
  3.  5 90 degree pieces (right angle)
  4.  Altoids tin
  5.  2 rechargeable batteries & battery holder
  6.  Solder iron & metal
  7.  Solar panels and its circuit board
  8.  Small motor
  9.  Lots of wires
10.  USB cable & connector
11.  Tinkertoys (optional for fan)
12.  Wire cutter
13.  PVC pipe cutter
14.  Small pliers
15.  Hammer
16.  Small piece of wood to fit in hole of tinkertoy
17.  Drill

Step 1: Cut the Pipes.

Cut the pipes into these measurements using the the PVC pipe cutter.

  4-  3 1/2 in. pieces
  2-  2 1/2 in. pieces
  1-  9 in. piece
The width of the pipes that I used is 3/4 in. wide.

Then put the pipes together so it looks like this.

this is a great instructable but you wired the solar panels and batteries inproper. inorder to conect multiple dc power supply you need to do it in a certain way positive to negative. like for example a tv remote, the batteries run into eachother (positive to negative) so for solar panels you simply solder one of one panels negative to the other panels positive after that you are left with a positive and negative wire those would be the output and ground. you connected yours in parrallel which isnt wrong but for a project like this it isnt well sutible. if you connect them in series you will double your output while mantaing the same cap rating. heres a link to a website i just found. http://www.zbattery.com/Connecting-Batteries-in-Series-or-Parallel i didnt mean for my comment to come off as negative feedback because it isnt, i really like this idea! the wind generator is fantastic!
Thank you!
Could you please post a video of the finished product? <br>Thanks.
Hi. <br>Could you please detail that &quot;circuit board&quot;? <br>What is it, or where can I get it? <br>Part number, serial number, link to the store? <br> <br>Thanks.
I got my solar panel from a garden light and I just used the circuit board that was with it. <br> <br>Sorry for the late response.
Ok, thank you!
so nice .............. plz share pdf on chaitanya44470@yahoo.com
Altoids Chocolate tin! Awesome!
very nice idea ..........pls share the pdf on mahesh.gan.143@gmail.com
i love the fact u used tinker toy ill vote for u
Thank You Very Much Schmidty 16!
ur welcome

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