Introduction: How to Make a Pickle Harpoon

I got the idea from the halfbakery and i decided to "bake" it

Step 1: Gather Supplies

For this Project you will need these things;

Small Spring Cannon (my other instructable)
duct tape
jigsaw blade
small thread spool
1/2 in wooden dowel
2 washers
hot glue
scrap wood


metal grinder
vice (or pliers)
hot glue gun

Step 2: Make the Harpoon Gun

cut a piece of scrap wood about 2 in by 8 in by 1/2 in

drill a hole in the upper corner right or left (slightly smaller than the nail)

sandwich the thread spool between two washers and stick the nail through

hammer the nail into the hole so the spool can't move side to side, but can rotate freely

duct tape the spring cannon to the wood

Step 3: Make the Harpoon P1

cut the dowel to about 2 1/2 in

cut a notch at the diameter

drill a hole in the middle

thread the string through and tie it

Step 4: Make the Harpoon P2

use the vice to break the jigsaw blade in half
(clamp it and bend it until it breaks)

use the grinder to sharpen the tips

put hot glue on the notched end of the dowel

stick the blades in the notch throught the molten hot glue (teeth pointing out)

let the glue cool

Step 5: Finish It

make sure the harpoon fits in the cannon
if it slides out when pointed down use pliers to bend the barrel slightly
the harpoon should easily come out but not easy enough for it to fall out

the harpoon blade looks awesome

Step 6: Go Pickle Hunting


Vendigroth made it! (author)2007-06-15

the gravity where you are is F-'d up
that or i don't have the sense to tilt my head (_)
nice work on the harpwn

digital01 made it! (author)digital012009-07-28

What if the gravity where he is isnt F-'d up but instead our gravity is F-'d up ʎʞɐǝɹɟ

firefighter1333 made it! (author)firefighter13332009-09-27


Kaelessin made it! (author)Kaelessin2009-10-02
¿unɟ ʇɐǝɹb sıɥʇ ʇusı

firefighter1333 made it! (author)firefighter13332009-10-03

lol ty, and yes it is XD 1o1

corey_caffeine made it! (author)2009-07-01

An elegant solution to a big problem.

lucius108 made it! (author)lucius1082009-07-18

ya and fun till theres one pickle left

mando_jtt made it! (author)2009-06-19

Just a suggestion that may be helpful. Try winding your recovery line (thread/string) on parallel 2 rods that are oriented towards the target (pickle). Wind the line starting closest to the base and working toward the tip. This will cause less drag on the projectile and thus, you will achieve greater range.

periperi made it! (author)2009-04-22

this is possibly the worst thing I have ever seen in my entire life. why would you even bother posting this piece of crap on the Internet. Just Kidding its actually really good. i made one today. it doesn't work. just kidding it actually does work.

thedog458 made it! (author)2008-04-13

hey this is a relly good instructable bt the blade is from a hack saw not a jig saw but still relly good

RickO5 made it! (author)RickO52008-06-03

Looks like the blades off my jigsaw to me

KI4WLG made it! (author)KI4WLG2008-06-04

Definitely jigsaw/sabersaw blades. Hacksaw blades are thicker. Great instructable! I'm almost tempted to go make one right now!

Black Cat made it! (author)Black Cat2008-09-27

looks like a coping saw blade to me...

RickO5 made it! (author)RickO52008-09-28

You know, you're right. I looked on my box of Jigsaw blades, and it said coping saw blades on the side. I'm just glad they fit.

Black Cat made it! (author)Black Cat2008-09-29

yeh in all reality who cares wat they r as long as they do the job n look good lol...

nuclearscience made it! (author)2008-07-17

wouldn't it work if you used fishing line instead of string, & a bigger spring & shot it at fish

Shifrin made it! (author)2008-01-02

I'll stick to my fancy barbequin' stick LOL Jk awesome instructable!

brainspater made it! (author)2007-12-22

nice invention dude.

master-of-chaos made it! (author)2007-04-27

the thing is really diabolical looking

Kaiven made it! (author)Kaiven2007-11-17

lol yeah...any minute he comes..! the Sadistic Pickle Harpooner!!

toogood made it! (author)2007-05-23

cool i might make a large version for fishing

LoneRanger made it! (author)2006-11-30

Now all that needs to be done is make a clip type holder thingy (instead of ducttape to hold the spring gun). This is so you can mount it on the harpoon gun frame and then take it off

austin made it! (author)2006-07-22

have you seen those little pickle grabbers, they are like little four finger claws.

AlexTheGreat made it! (author)AlexTheGreat2006-07-23

but that wouldn't be nearly as cool as a harpoon

mrbob1000 made it! (author)2006-07-22

that blade was from a coping saw not a jigsaw

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