Here are all the steps on making a picture frame right from the start!

You will need:


Wood (size depends on how big the frame is, and your tastes.)


Router bits


Measuring tape


Screw eyes


Wire cutters

If you have come from my instructable, https://www.instructables.com/id/Make-Your-Very-Own-Hardwood-Flooring-Frame/
You can skip the routing steps.

Step 1: Router the Wood

First, we need a groove in the back to hold the picture in. I used a 1/4" bit.

Next, for looks I used a bit for the front.

Step 2: Cutting You Wood

I have a good cut-and-turn method, so after you have changed your saw table to 45 degrees, you will not have to move it again. Measure your cuts right in the bottom of the V of the groove.

After you have measured, cut where you have measured, right in the bottom of the groove.

I am making a 4x6" picture frame, so I am making two 6" ones and two 4" ones.

Step 3: Gluing the Frame

Last step! Put glue on the ends of your two smaller pieces of the frame, and if you have a square frame, put glue on two of the pieces opposite each other. Last, square the frame with your square or against a straight board. If you used a lot of glue, It might be a good idea to clamp it down so it doesn't slip. Now, once it is dry, just screw 2 screw eyes in, and attach wire to it!


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