How to Make a Plastic Bottle Cutter / Tutorial





Introduction: How to Make a Plastic Bottle Cutter / Tutorial

Step 1: To Do a Plastic Bottle Cutter You Need!

How to make a rope out of a plastic bottle?
We often need a strong wire or rope at rest or at the cottage. For example, you need a linen rope, and there's nothing suitable at hands. Don't worry! It is possible to make a long and strong rope out of an empty plastic bottle.

Step 2: You May Get 4-5 Meters of a Strong Plastic Tape of One Plastic Bottle of 0,5 Liter.

If you need a stronger rope, you may entwine a few tapes together, for example, in bunches. Here is a simple way to find a solution in some complicated situation. And we have this done again with the help of plain plastic bottle.

Step 3: Plastic Tape Is Useful for Another Crafts As Well: Basket Wickerwork, Hand Made Decorations.



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    We were able to make it but as soon as e put the plastic bottle in and pulled we werent able to do it. What should we do? Please help.

    This is a great idea which I'm interested in making. For me it would be helpful to have the step-by-step instructions which are described in the video voiceover, alongside each of the photos above.

    Very handy, thanks for posting. Pity that people use the comment section to to try and make someone else look the fool.

    Glad you've made it to make an Instructable, and make some more. A link to this is on my Blog:

    Is there a reason you used the design from (

    as you primary image without crediting them?

    Probably because he doesn't have to credit his own stuff. That is his page and that is his video.

    the video is from his youtube channel .. but the image (the blue plastic bottle on the laser engraved cutter) in the intro step is not from where he posted it as on so to me, it sure seems to be his own stuff. I used to work for Google's Leapforce and we were taught how to check things like this out, and I would say everything posted here belongs to him.

    everything you linked to is posted by Ian Polianskii of Versailles France, not Roman Ursu of Russia. So unless he changed his name and moved to a different country.... and