A super easy and cheap to make that also flies like a mighty eagle on a sunny day. Not to mention it's rather good at demonstrating some basics of aerodynamic theory: lift, gravity and drag.

Step 1: Things You Will Need...

In order to make your kite you will need:

-A sheet of plastic that measures 33 1/2" by 24". I used a very large plastic bag but a sturdy black bin bag is about right too

-A smaller sheet of plastic measuring 19 1/2" by 26". This is about the size of a standard carrier bag, but again bin bags or any plastic sheeting is good.

-3 balsa wood dowels 24" long. I've used 6mm dowels, but larger ones will also work. Balsa dowels are available from craft shops and hardware shops, but if neither are available, garden canes are also a good alternative (the green sticks to keep plants on the straight an narrow)

-Sticky tape, double sided sticky tape and reinforced sticky tape. I used a heavy duty cloth gaffer tape, but gaffer tape or all weather tape of any sort will work well.

-Kite line and handle. Available from specialists and some toy shops and online. In the UK, Kite Shop has a massive range or stuff. A mid weight fishing line can also be used and is a bit cheaper and re-usable.

-Hole punch, scissors, marker pen and tape measure.
you use use some of those reusable plastic bags you get for 5 bucks they have nice holes with metal gromets in there to hold the string in place. also you might get a stronger kite which is very useful for kite skateboarding FTW
it&acute;s a single-line-kite.<br><br>for the bridle cut a peace of string, that&acute;s length is two times of the kite&acute;s wingspan if it lays flat.<br>Tie the ends of this string to the corners where you punched holes in step 7.<br>Tie a small loop exactly in the middle of the briddle line.<br><br>I ikke to attach a tail to my kites.<br>i thing, that let&acute;s fly them stabler.<br>and I think, this kitealso can look fine with a ribbon-tail or a typial bowed tail like the autumn-deco-kites have.
Awesome instruct, tiger!<br><br>I got similar question as Kiteman: what about all the ropework for this kite? I'm pretty much the greenest n00b at kiting you can find, so many of the basic stuff is new to me. Like: can you use single line for this kite or do you need two lines with two handholders? 'cause I suck at flying kites with two handles ;)
just tried this kite and i think i am misunderstanding is there one string tying both edges, or a string for each side?
we are looking to manufacture the plastics bullets in india, so please do advise and technicals supports to set up unit. we need detail project report and project cost. which raw material is being used for bullet , plant and machinery is used. looking forward your support and cooperation and kind. regards,
Dude! this design was WICKED... it won me a lot dog fight :D right after my friends copied the design and then it was a free for all... XD you can steer it by pulling the cords and with trial and error (lots of error) you can make a well proportioned bullet kite that is agile but not out of control.... Thanks from Philippines!! rak'en'rol....
This is nice, I think I might try it. Great 'ible!<br />
Very nice project - I haven't made a sled in ages, but you might have changed that.<br /> <br /> Point of information; the bridle line of a sled kite should be roughly three times as long as the width of the kite.<br /> <br /> Does it fly stably without a tail?<br /> <br /> <br />

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