Introduction: How to Make a Player/mob Launcher

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Hello, Everybody This is my First Instructable that I made myself!! you will be amased if you build it correctly. There's a disclaimer though. By the way Have Fun!!!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

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You'll need:

1 stack and 50 stone

23 things of redstone dust

1 Button of your choice (wood works best because it stands out from the stone)

7 buckets of water

16 blocks of TNT

Step 2: Build the Base

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The Base will be 7X7. Once you build the outline Fill in the remainder of the space.

Step 3: Build the Walls and the Center Pillar

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Build the wall up 2 blocks. then the center pillar will be 2 blocks tall. Pick a spot on the wall Directily North, south, east, or west. that block will have the button on it.

Step 4: Add Water

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Now you need to empty the 7 water buckets at the very bottom of the launcher.

Step 5: Add Redstone Dust and the Button

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Take your redstone and line the wall with the redstone and the spot that you picked out earlier put the button facing the inner pillar.

Step 6: Add TNT

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Put your TNT Above the water like in the picture. The explosion will fling you in the air.

Step 7: Warning

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I Highly recommend that you Not do this in survival because the fall damage will kill you! But it's fun to watch.

Step 8: Have Fun or Make Even Better!

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You can use many different materials but i like stone the best!


Jason Meschke (author)2016-02-01

Thanks. DanTDM made a video about this several years ago. I did this from memory.

ThomasK19 (author)2016-01-30

I have to try that. Looks like a nice way without command blocks. Maybe you make that as island so you can fall in the water.

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