Introduction: How to Make a Pneumatic Pill Bottle Gun

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An automatic airsoft/bb gun out of household items. Im telling the truth household items. next step will tell you the little items you have.nothing special but this gun will not get you anywhere in an airsoft war.Note: this gun is forplaying around for a sticky target or a net. I take no responsibility for the stupid stuff you will do with this gun so back off if you are going to blame me for anything.BE SAFE AND HAVE FUN!!!sorry i can't use pictures this is my first instructable so don't rip on me.

Step 1: Mateirials

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1 pill bottle,1 pentube,a drill(OR SOMETHING OF THAT NATURE)scissors,and of course bb's.

Step 2: Your Barrell and Blow-piece Holes

Picture of Your Barrell and Blow-piece Holes

Look at your pill bottle and cut a hole about a centimeter below the cap, make sure that it is the size of your pentube. that will be where you blow on it. Now for the barrell. You cut a hole the size of the pentube at the bottom anywhere. (preferably in the middle)

Step 3: The Barrell Itself

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Get the pentube and cut it in half with the scissors. now with the holes you will push the pentube firmly in the holes and you will be finished.

Step 4: Loading It

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Open the back of the pill bottle and load whatever your heart desires. but seriously dont be stupid with this gun it is not for shooting your friends in the eye.


jOker58 (author)2015-07-17

is it possible to make this have a trigger instead of blowing

jOker58 (author)2015-07-17

very nice instructable and very good pictures

coolo52 (author)2011-04-24

im thinking about making one with a pill bottle i have

Kendallkip (author)2010-02-01


An Villain (author)Kendallkip2010-05-26

Uh no. Bonk!

meddler (author)2010-01-09

Neat idea. I have tons of pill bottles. I am thinking of a pill bottle rifle at the moment.

spudling9 (author)meddler2010-02-19

dannggg. when thats done send a pic. =)

jusjusjus3 (author)2009-12-11

thanks for helping me build it man i can hit kids with this its cool

spudling9 (author)jusjusjus32009-12-20

anytime bro. happy hitting

aseaheru (author)2009-09-10

what about using co2 can/things?

spudling9 (author)aseaheru2009-09-14

probably you should try it!

aseaheru (author)spudling92009-09-15

give me 20 to get the things......

spudling9 (author)aseaheru2009-09-15

i dont know what u mean explain.

aseaheru (author)spudling92009-09-16

give me $ and i will make it.

spudling9 (author)aseaheru2009-09-16

sounds cool ill have to test this though. i just need to know if you are bs-ing me.
But i trust you. =)

aseaheru (author)spudling92009-09-29

no bs............

aseaheru (author)spudling92009-09-18

no cash=cant build/test, however there is a similer instructible on rockets and this is based on there launching system... duct tape

aseaheru (author)aseaheru2009-09-18


stronghold (author)2009-07-16

This is just like blowing through a straw with a skewer or something.

skaterboy101 (author)2009-07-11

just blow on the top pen tube

coolo52 (author)2009-06-04

how does it work

spudling9 (author)coolo522009-06-04

you open up the back of the pill bottle and thats how you load it. ;-)

penna (author)2009-06-02

can I use a film canistef instead of a pill botle

spudling9 (author)penna2009-06-02

yes! i'm sure you can. but the only issue you should look at is if it can have air flow. I use a pill bottle because it is stronger. but sounds good!

Airsoft_Maniac_96 (author)2009-04-29

i would hook it up to an air tank with a triger so it looks cooler and works better

yeah its fun my friend made one and I said, "Hey, can I see?" hooked it up real fast and it shot so far! And he hurt BAD!!

sharlston (author)2009-04-12

but this isnt that good becuse soon as the bbs fall under the end they wont fire

RitchieHead (author)2009-04-04

Or else just buy a Metal BB Gun for 30 dollars, if you know the right place

spudling9 (author)RitchieHead2009-04-06

well this is near to nothing cost wise. And this is just for play not for awesome kool know JUST like a small toy.

Kallen Maurer (author)2009-02-22

just a suggestion, if you take out the pen tube on the part you blow in you might get more air flow and they might go further.

spudling9 (author)Kallen Maurer2009-02-22

k ill take it out and show you the results!

happybirthday (author)spudling92009-03-10

Dude, This is pretty cool, Load it up with metal BB's and just blow with your mouth, Although I did try it with a air compressor thingy

spudling9 (author)happybirthday2009-03-10

the best thing to do is make this and putthe blow tube thingy add the air commpreesor and batta boom batta bang!!

happybirthday (author)spudling92009-03-10


Kallen Maurer (author)spudling92009-02-23


spudling9 (author)Kallen Maurer2009-02-24

T\It showed great results!!! thx.

batman96 (author)2008-12-31

try holding down Control or shift i cant rember when u draw circles in paint it will draw them perfectly round.!!!

spudling9 (author)batman962009-01-01

thanks that will help!!

xZCodmaNZx (author)2008-12-14

I posted this already !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! link

El Chucko Norris (author)2008-12-03

this is awsome i am a noob also this is on my group homemade warrior go noobs!

thanks bro ill try and make more.ohh and go noobs!!

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