Here's how to make a pocket sized stove that can burn everyday methyl alcohol such as fondue stove fuel or HEET anti-freeze!
The purpose of this stove is for cooking when back-packing/ hiking. Heck its even nice to have when the power goes out!

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(the bottom video is the stove in action)
well, this is an old discussion.. <br>still: <br>1. do you have to replace the chalk every once in a while? <br>2. how long does it normally burn? <br>3. can medical alcohol (70%) work, or does it have to be lower? <br>thanks, <br>carmel
Nice little bit of knowledge, especially the chalk, I have made more primitive versions using wicks. Have you got anything that works with vegetable oil or leftover animal fat that doesn't need a wick?
Oils will always need a wick. You should look up making a &quot;KUDLIK&quot;. Any old sardine can will work.
Quite honestly i haven't done much experimenting in the area however with the amount i have done i have always needed a wick. The reason for this (i think) is that fat does not vaporize the same as alcohol or petroleum fuels.
Great Indestructable... Gonna make one this week. Penny is just to keep the fuel from coming out, think the self tapping sheet metal screw is a better idea and does not get lost like the penny. Whats with all the comments if you people think you can do better make a video for us. Personally I think this was great, but is does seem cheeky for others to advertise in your indestructable though
&nbsp;Good job with figuring out how to build these stoves with such basic methods. It can be quite challenging for as simple of a concept as they are. &nbsp;I actually run a small business where I manufacture these stoves. &nbsp;Check it out, you may get some inspiration from what we are doing.<br /> <br /> www.keyholestoves.com<br /> <br /> Keep up the good work. &nbsp;If you have any questions shoot me an e-mail. &nbsp;I'll be more than happy to give you an advice on how to perfect your building skills with them. &nbsp;<br /> <br /> I am curious what your boil time is for 2 cups of 70 F (room temp.) water. &nbsp;And when I say boil I mean once it has reached a full rolling boil. &nbsp;I know that may be obvious, some guys think that once any bubbles start coming up that it has hit 212 F which is not true. &nbsp;<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />
That is a very nice comment,<br>congrats
<a href="http://www.keyholestoves.com">&nbsp;www.keyholestoves.com<br /> </a><br /> For those who don't want to type the address in, a clickable link.<br />
Need a real instructable! Videos don't cut it for us dialup people! Please submit a step-by-step ible! Thanks!
this *is* a real instructable. you have dial up? i feel for you. all i have to say is exercise patience and get off this &quot;gotta have it right now&quot; kick that the instant gratification age has imprinted on our minds. it's what i had to do when i had it. it's not beyond others. he dont have to &quot;re&quot; submit anything.
actually your full of it. this *is* a real instructable and teaches you more and easier then a bunch of pictures. dail up just needs patience. believe me ive had it before. problem is people want things &quot;right now&quot; in this instant gratification world. he dont have to submit a damn thing. it's good the way it is.
So you put the alcohol inside the stove
Hey wildernesscraftsman! <br>I have got a question, well actually 2,<br>1. does this work without fiberglass insulation or the stuff you use, that it only runs ons alcohol?<br>2. If it is not usable without fiberglass insulation or the stuff you use, how long does it last, doe you have got to get some new fiberglass insulation in it everytime you use it?<br>Hope you will react.<br>ashwinlit.<br><br>(sorry for incredibly bad english, I'm from holland and only 13 (a))
Hey Buddy, No worries about the english!<br><br>YES you do need something like fiberglass insulation in the stove in order for it to work properly. If you dont put some in it will likely be hard to light and very fuel ineffecient. <br>The fiberglass insulation does NOT need to be replaced, it will last as long as your stove will.<br><br>Hope that helps!<br>'Pyro
Thanks for being nice :)
I am from Greece. Your idea is good, but uncompletely. You turn it on then you have the way to turn it off. See Zipo's lighter. <br>You also need a catalyst. Try to roll (like a ball) some wire and put it upon your stove for more heating.
A series of quality photos is always better than a video for an instructable. I would have to watch 20 minutes of video on a slow broadband connection, which would actually take me over an hour with all the buffering.
That's not true. Video's can explain complicated steps much better than some pictures can.
Ok. Stop complaining and get adsl 2+ ect. Videos are way better
Very nice idea. I also built an alcohol stove using two cans , according the swedish military alcohol stove, but your stove is much better.
I can make a stove he says, as he pours fuel on the ground and lights it...
Love the part where you throw the top
im just wondering on what does the chalk do...pls reply and im asking if its ok to use colored chalk that sidewalk chalk :D
It acts as a wick of sorts and helps the alcohol vaporize. Colored sidewalk chalk but it will leave a residue on the outside of the stove. If you can get some fiberglass insulation it works much better!
can you just put the container to boil something directly on there with out the jets going out, or do you need a rack to hold the container?
In my experience you can set the container right on and it works just fine. if your using a fuel other then methyl alcohol the results might change Cheers Pyro the maniac
Were did you buy that micro torch
Made mine today out of some empty Dr. Pepper cans i had lying around. Crawled up into the attic and snagged a bit of fiberglass. The only alcohol i had lying around was 70% and it doesn't burn very well. The only thing i had was RC car fuel. It's 80% methanol, 20% nitro-methane. Dude it worked fantastic, but it burned with an almost invisible flame. Guess thats the nature of RC car fuel. Otherwise i had it boiling water in no time!!!!!!<br />
I have dialup and I cannot view the video so I was wondering if you could PLEASE turn the videos into instructables.<br /> =D
Hi there, i am sorry to say i will probably not turn the videos into instructables as i put my time and energy into videos rather than 'ibles. i am more a part of the youtube community than the instructables one. i can however recommend either watching them at a public library or using a youtube downloader to download them overnight. <br /> <br /> Hate to hear you have dial-up, i've been there done that :D<br /> <br /> Thanks<br /> Pyro<br />
You dont&nbsp;NEED to put anything inside of the sove
YES! You are the first person i have seen that didn't call this a penny stove!
cool good instructable
Sad that there are no comments... This is really good! Just a tip: make your videos a bit shorter...

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