I have seen a lot of tutorials that teach you how to make a pen gun. Unfortunately I did not have a decent pen on hand to make said weapon. So I used the materials available to make my very own pocket sized BB gun. This miniature weapon is very powerful for it's size, and is very easy to make.

Step 1: Materials

 To build the BB gun you're going to need a pair of scissors, 3 plastic straws (the straws I'm using are 19 and 5/8th inches long and and a half inch in diameter), Scotch tape, tacky glue (or any other strong glue), a pair of plier-style cutters, a paper clip, an Exacto knife, a cork, a diffuser reed (if you can't find one of these just wrap a shish-kebab stick in duct or electrical tape for thickness), a rubber band (I used a #32 rubber band), and a large kitchen knife (optional).

Note: The kitchen knife and the rubber band aren't in the picture
<p>awesome idea very good post another instructable.Thank you.</p>
a dremel could work for cutting the cork to the 'band's' width. Simple, logical and excellent instructable! If only we could mount the paper clip outside of the straw for more accuracy.. Alas, nothing to provide for this..
Instead of using a knife, use a flat files edge.... All i did was just hot glue my rubber band onto the cork.... much easier and quicker
Good idea! <br>
Wait, how can the cork and the stick stay when you pull them? <br>

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