Step 7: Making the Plunger: Part 2

 Insert your stick into the straw until the cork is pushing against the edge. Mark a point on the opposite end of skewer that is approximately a half inch from the straw. Cut at this point with you clippers.

Note: You might want to sand down the newly cut end of the stick. Tjis will help the gun run more smoothly later on.
<p>awesome idea very good post another instructable.Thank you.</p>
a dremel could work for cutting the cork to the 'band's' width. Simple, logical and excellent instructable! If only we could mount the paper clip outside of the straw for more accuracy.. Alas, nothing to provide for this..
Instead of using a knife, use a flat files edge.... All i did was just hot glue my rubber band onto the cork.... much easier and quicker
Good idea! <br>
Wait, how can the cork and the stick stay when you pull them? <br>

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