The is a really fun project and perfect for beginners. I walk you through all the details of making this Zen air plant garden. You will come to know what tools, polymer clay and finishes to use. You will learn tips and tricks. And you will come away with an awesome and useful little art object. See the Zen Air Plant Garden and all my art creations on sale now and use this coupon code for a 20% discount: ABLESONLYDISCOUNT


<p>Love this one too! Thanks Jake, I checked out your Etsy Store, you have beautiful pieces. Have you ever done anything with shells? I am in Southern CA, Seascape is a very popular decor theme. I think the air fern would look nice on a shell but I am not sure that a shell could be put into the oven. Thanks again. Debra</p>
<p>Hi Debra,</p><p>Thanks for your comment. I have been thinking about an air plant holder with a seashell. But I don't really have any sizeable shells at the moment to try it with. I have however done sculptures with seashells and baked them without issue. Attached to this comment, are two that I did. Since I have not yet done a video on sculpting polymer clay on a seashell, you might want to watch a video of mine that shows how to seal a rock before sculpting on top of it. The principal of sealing the shell before sculpting polymer clay on top of it is the same as it is with a rock. Below is a link to one of my other Instructables that shows how to seal a rock or seashell. Thanks again for your comment. - Jacob</p><p>Here is the link: https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Sculpt-a-Tree-on-a-Rock-in-Polymer-Clay/</p>

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