Introduction: How to Make a Pop-Tart Charm!

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I LOVE pop-tarts. My favorite is Strawberry. I also LOVE polymer Clay. I was roaming around YouTube one day, and found this video by IHaveACupcake, and decided to make an instructible inspired by it. To make this instructible project you will need: 1) Clay. You will need tan clay, red clay, and other rainbow colors.  2) TLS (Translucent Liquid Sculpy)  4) Triple Thick Glaze  5) X-Acto knife or Hobby knife  6) toothpick  7) a curved cookie cutter 8) an earring finding or headpin                                                                                         

Step 1: Making the Base

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First, roll out the red clay and cut it into a rectangle with the knife. Place the rectangle on top of the tan clay, and cut around the red clay, leaving about half a centimeter of tan clay around each edge. Place THAT on top of another piece of tan clay, and squish the edges together. once you do that, cut out the rectangle, and you have a base!

Step 2: Adding a Headpin

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place the earring finding or headpin inside the Pop-Tart so you can add it to a necklace later, if you want.

Step 3: Texture

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Around the hump of your Pop-Tart, create dots that are equally far apart from each other, like on the real thing. Use the toothpick to create texture by lightly poking the pop tart around the hump.

Step 4: Making Frosting and Sprinkles

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Every Pop-Tart needs Sprinkles! First, mix the TLS with some white chalk, by using the knife to scrape some into the mix. Then use a toothpick to mix it together and add it to the pop tart (keep in mind the glaze will become more translucent when you bake it). Roll out the rainbow colors and put tiny pieces in the frosting to be sprinkles!

Step 5: CHOMP!

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If you want to, use the cookie cutter to make a bite on the pop-tart!

Step 6: Bake the Pop-Tart

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Put your pop-tart in the oven and bake it at 275F for 12-15 minutes. Make sure you don't burn them!

Step 7: Glaze Your Pop-Tart!

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use the Triple Thick Glaze to glaze your Pop-Tart. You can also use clear nail polish. This will add a beautiful shine, and protect your pop tart so you can keep it forever! Thanks for watching, and remember to vote my 'ible for the Jewelry contest! Thanks!


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This is really cute!

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Thank you!

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Omg I love ihaveacupcke!!! She makes great vids!

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I know right?!?

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