The Porcupine Vest is a wearable, spikey body-extension that allows you to take up more space. You can use it to expand your footprint and sometimes your personal expression.

The material list for this project is deliberately simple. What's neat is that you can make a lot of these devices for very little cost. Porcupine cocktail party, here we come!

The idea came out of the Inquisitive Devices project at the Social Body Lab where we are experimenting with possible, probable, and fantastic wearable communication tools.



Step 1: Materials & Tools

Gather your gear!



  • lasercutter
  • rulers
  • heat gun
<p>Why would you intentionally take up more space in elevators and public transportation. This is a well made article but I just don't see why you would make it</p>
<p>This is such a great project! I'm so sorry I missed your Spiky Cocktail Party. Are you going to add some of the photos and observations from that to this Instructable? I thought all of that was a really fun and interesting way to engage people with your work, I'm sure people would love to see it :)</p>
<p>Yes! I'll be publishing another Instructable for the Spiky Cocktail Party sometime in the next week or two!</p>
<p>This is very unique and inventive! I love the GIF in the beginning :))</p>
I wanna make a metal version of this for a zombie apocalypse suit!! :D
<p>It might be very useful for that!</p>

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