Step 11: Making the Board Thinner Pt. 2

What you need:
Small flathead screwdriver
Needle-nosed pliers

The NES has a useless expansion slot on the bottom of it. This was never developed further, and serves no purpose on our board. Time to take it off.

Find the expansion slot. If you need help with this, then you probably shouldn't be attempting this project.

Find the four metal tabs on the side of the slot. Bend them out with a small flathead screwdriver.

Bend the metal shielding away from the plastic and remove it.

Snap off the outer layers of plastic with your needle-nosed pliers, being careful not to harm the NES board.

Grab the metal pins and the plastic with your pliers and snap the plastic off.

Bend the metal pins until they snap off.

Take the small flathead screwdriver and use it to pry up the remaining plastic and reveal the pins underneath.

Bend those pins until they snap off, and you are finished!

This makes the NES board much thinner, meaning a thinner portable.
st1ck6 years ago
It appears as if my expansion slot has no metal pins. ©1986
st1ck st1ck6 years ago
I ripped the metal off with my bare hands, rofl. I recommend not doing this because I almost broke a bunch of stuff. But if you must, haha.
you must be a BEAST! i tried and nearly cut my hand open (don't ask)
I want to ask.
to make it even thinner couldnt you do step 9 with longer wire and stretch some caps over to that huge empty spot you just made by removing the expansion bay?