Step 14: Relocating the Cartridge Connector

What You Need:
Soldering Iron
Lots of wire
Wire stripper
72 pin connector (link in previous step)
Plenty of patience

If you want to put the cartridge connector somewhere other that at the top of the NES board, you need to do what is called "relocating" it. This is where you extend the slot by soldering wires to all the connections on the NES and to the cartridge slot.

You need 72 wires (IDE cable works great for relocations) for this. Strip both ends of all the wires and tin them. Tin the contacts on the NES board and on the connector.

Then, start soldering the wires to the NES and to the connector. Simply make sure you correspond the right contacts. Just look at the soldered connector in the previous step and pretend to pull it away from the board. Make sure you double check your wires when you're don't and make sure they're no longer that 6 inches.
Nisalotaco4 years ago
would there be a way to pull the cartridge connector into the body of the handheld so that the thing doesnt look like it might fall off?