Step 20: Add Video and Audio Wires

Picture of Add Video and Audio Wires
What you need:
Hot glue gun
Soldering Iron
IDE Cable or other wire

Once you have unscrewed the screen and tested it, you need to add the audio and video wires.

Unplug the two connectors at the bottom. You only need to keep the left one. We'll use that for power later.

Flip the screen to the back and find the small pads near the bottom-left that say EXT_V, EXT_R, EXT_L, HP_L, HPS, and HP_R. EXT_V is where you solder the video wire, EXT_R is right audio, and EXT_L is left audio. For the NES, you can short the L and R on the screen, because the NES is mono.

If you tried to test it at this point, you would notice that there is no sound. You need to short together HP_L, HPS, and HP_R. Otherwise, the screen thinks headphones are plugged in. If you want headphones on your portable, do not short those three pads and use the headphone jack that was included with the screen.

Once you soldered the wires, put some hot glue on them so they don't come loose.
wolfina22 years ago
So if I was using a DVD player.. How would I achieve the connection.. Doesn't the NES take AV Input? At least mine worked when i used a Red yellow white cable...
Wait, what would I do if I wanted sound when you plug in headphones and when you haven't plugged in headphones?
1up (author)  MedliDoubleStar4 years ago
Just wire the headphone port to the speaker outputs, but you'll have some impendance mismatch issues. One will be much louder than the other.
Xunn0x4 years ago
does the composite video need a ground?
anthonyyy04 years ago
what is "shorting together"
justlife5 years ago
i was also thinking about using my portable DVD player screen because i took it apart to egt the battery for this. and it has a AV plaug in. so could i use this?
XCVG6 years ago
You say the NES is mono, which is not strictly true. It can be modded to output "stereo" sound, though it usually sounds quite odd. I know most people don't care, but I thought I'd bring it up.
1up (author)  XCVG6 years ago
XCVG, did you join just to criticize me? :P Just kidding. I know you can mod it to be stereo, I may add that tidbit of information.
SkipperOf6 years ago
I'm using a portable DVD player screen that runs of 5 volts. I found the ground wire and the power wires, but I can't see anything like EXT_V, EXT_L, or EXT_R. Any suggestions? I think I am going to probe around and see if I can make it work.
1up (author)  SkipperOf6 years ago
Those connections are for the PSone screen only. Your DVD player screen needs AV input to work for this.