Step 26: Using the Original Controller Board

Picture of Using the Original Controller Board
What you need:
Soldering Iron
Needle-Nose Pliers
X-Acto Knife

To use the original controller boards, you need to cut off the board sections, then solder wires to them.

You need to cut off the A/B buttons section, the Start/Select section, and the D-Pad section.

Using your X-Acto knife, score the spots shown in the picture.

Use your needle-nosed pliers to break off each section of the boards.

Scrape the light green traces off so you can see the copper underneath. Solder your wires to these. You basically want to extend the controller board sections.
ZacharyK35 months ago

Do you have any idea if this would work with a gamecube controller?

crybaby8104 years ago
Alrighty, I stripped the big black insulation off of the controller cord because it was a huge waste of space, but that has led me to see that there are two wires coming from the female controller port that do not lead into the male controller port. These are the purple and blue wires. It isn't really causing me any problems as I can still use the male and female controller ports as opposed to cutting and re soldering the wires, but I thought I might ask: Am I right to assume the blue and purple cords leading from the NES mother board to the female control port are some kind of ground wires?

There are no blue or purple wires leading away from the controller board and when I stripped apart the male port there are no wires attached to ports 6 and 7, but there are blue and purple wires attached to ports 6 and 7 on the female attachment, and they both lead back to the mother board. If they are not ground then the only other likely guess I have is that they are for another peripheral such as the solar gun (as in duck hunt). This would mean that I could theoretically just scrap them and solder the male wires directly to their corresponding pin on the mother board with nothing on attached to ports 6 and 7.
1up (author)  crybaby8104 years ago
Yes, those wires are for the Zapper. You don't need them. Just cut them off, and match the other colors for the controller wires.
I have a 3rd party controller and its very different so i'm not sure where to cut the board... help? http://yfrog.com/50picture0004mej - http://yfrog.com/9hpicture0003qj - http://yfrog.com/9hpicture0001sgj - http://yfrog.com/3mpicture0005kj THANKS!
1up (author)  WeaponMaker965 years ago
Just cut the button pad sections off and scrape and re-wire the traces to where they originally went.
actually its my first time modding and i don't know what to do. can you like uhh show me what to cut using photoshop or paint or sometihng?
1up (author)  WeaponMaker965 years ago
Nope, sorry. ;) You need to learn this stuff for yourself. Try google or check out http://forums.modretro.com/.