Step 35: Installing the Components - Switches

Picture of Installing the Components - Switches
What you need:
Drill with plenty of bits

For both switches, I used a drill with various sized bits to make the holes. For the power switch, all I had to do was drill a hole the size of the toggle switch. Then I drilled a smaller hole off to the side to fit the extrusion on the ring around the switch... you know, the one that keeps it from rotating. Check out picture one to see the switch I built.

For the A/V switch, I drilled a few holes in a row, and kept checking the fit and seeing if the switch movement would be hindered at all.

See pictures 2 and 3 to see what I am talking about. (These pictures were taken after the portable was finished, because somehow I didn't take any while I was building it. All that other stuff shouldn't be in the case yet.