Step 4: The Screen

Picture of The Screen
Most people use a PSone Screen. They are cheap compared to other screens, they are a nice size at 5.4", and they accept composite input without modification. If you are getting a PS1 screen, MAKE SURE you get the round-shaped one. Do not get the square ones; they are of horrible quality. If you are getting a PS1 screen, make sure your batteries are at least 7.5v. They can be above that, but you must perform an extra step if they are above 9v. That step will be discussed later.

Many other screens can be used. If you do not decide to get a PS1 screen, make sure the one you do get can accept composite input, and get one that runs under 12v, or picking out batteries will be very difficult. Many pocket TV screens can be used, like the Casio pocket screens.

Other good screens are as follows:
Hipgear/Intec Screenpad: 1.8", good quality. Runs on 5-12v. Here are pinouts and other info. Has audio amp. Find them at garage sales or possible eBay.
AEIComp Screens: 1.8" to 17". Expensive, but great quality. Here is a guide to making it smaller and where to attach video. No built-in audio amp. Takes 5-12v.
DealExtreme Screens: 2.5", 3", and 3.5". Good quality, cheapish. Here is a guide for the 2.5" one. All take 7.5-12v.
Casio EV-680: Good quality, takes 5-6v. Hacking Information. Look on eBay for these, or maybe garage sales. Other Casio TV's are good, as well.
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chet54261 year ago
would a 7'' widescreen portable dvd player from best buy work
tmootsey4 years ago
Would an LCD screen from a wireless house phone work?
1up (author)  tmootsey4 years ago
Nope, sorry.
dwhitslar4 years ago
can i use a laptop screen...im taking my nintendo 64 and trying to put a 17 inch screen on it to flip up...everything went to he ll on the laptop except the screen lol
1up (author)  dwhitslar4 years ago
No, a laptop screen won't work.
1up where can i buy a psone screen
1up (author)  marcusmario124 years ago
Ebay works. You could try Craigslist, too.
FLINT2354 years ago
I want to build a portable dreamcast ^^
would a gameboy advanced sp screen would work? how 'bout a DSi screen, not a DSi XL.
1up (author)  theawesomedude924 years ago
No, neither of those would work.
CRAP! and i have several DS systems and an old gameboy. guess i'll try something else. what else can i use other than a PS1 screen, or those portable TV screens?
Music man 1up4 years ago
Wat really cheap screen would work. Dosnt have to be bright you know like as bright as the orignal ds
Can i use a PSP-1000 lcd screen for a Gamecube portable?
Um, 1up, I have a question. How can I tell if the screens can accept composite just from the website? I want to buy a portable tv from Amazon for this project (like this one: http://www.amazon.com/Haier-HLT71-7-Inch-Handheld-LCD/dp/tech-data/B001E78UQY/ref=de_a_smtd) but I can't see if they accept composite input or not. Can you help? Thanks!
1up (author)  MedliDoubleStar4 years ago
That has composite input. It says under the product features, "Audio/video jack and coaxial input; detachable antenna".
Can I use a Nintendo DS lite screen if so, how do i hook it up?

Why would you ruin a ds?

Because the DSi and DSiXL and 3DS are now the norm, so nobody gives a s*** about it anymore.
redsoup5 years ago
what do i do if my screen takes AC not DC
Didrtan6 years ago
all the screens are square do you meen they in a circle?
yes. work on your english. i had to reread that 3 times for it to make sense!
he means that the casing for the screen is round.
how do i know if it does
1up (author)  kylebroflovskirules5 years ago
Maybe you could search the model number on google and see?
i have a portable casio mini tv screen i can use that?
1up (author)  kylebroflovskirules5 years ago
Yes, if it accepts composite input.
SkipperOf6 years ago
yeah, but you got to figure out the rest
SkipperOf6 years ago
The DVD thing didn't really work and I am still having trouble with the PlayStation thing, so I looked some other places. I found these screens:
Will either of these work?
those are 1ups screen look at the page
redsoup5 years ago
i have a question i have two screens, one is 5.4' , cheap, but no hack info, the other 2.5', a little costly, but it has hack info...
ImSerge5 years ago
It seems PSone screens have gone up in price because of this reason....
redsoup5 years ago
I see that a lot of people ask for screens they can use... BEFORE YOU ASK 1UP. Check if it accepts composite input. AND FOR THE SIMPLE FOLK IF YOU CAN"T PLUG THE YELLOW WIRE FROM YOUR NES INTO IT THEN YOU CAN'T USE IT!!!!
1up (author)  redsoup5 years ago
:P Thanks.
can you buy screens for a pstwo
yeah,  you can you need google searches
sqeeek5 years ago
 Holy Crap guys! How many times does he have to say 'only if it accepts composite video'? Look at the manufacturers specs, if it accepts composite, then yes. If not, then no. If you don't have specs, look at the screen, if it's got one of those little round plugs, usually with a yellow inside, that you see on the back of a VCR, (A.K.A RCA jack) then yes. 

Basically, look at the TV you would've plugged the console into. 
Does the screen you're buying have the same plugs as the TV?
No? Well then, you can't use it. 

1up (author)  sqeeek5 years ago
Thanks. :P It's kind of annoying when "noobs" come along and say, "oh, thet loks neat, i will mak one" when they really do not have the money or skill to.

I knew that in posting this Instructable, I would be dealing with a lot of questions about everything. Oh well. :|
AlOnan1005 years ago
Can I use a phone screen???????
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